Clipart, Digital graphics, Sublimation Graphics,  Printables or stickers


Download includes 45 unique illustrations


How to Manage

You can manage my products best on a computer or laptop, using graphic software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or free alternatives as Picasa or Gimp. On mobile devices such as iPad or other tablets, you need a special software to unzip and edit the files. On smartphone it can not be downloaded and managed, unless the device specifications state otherwise.



Buying an artwork doesn’t transfers its copyrights. You can’t re-sell or offer this product or parts from it for free, or to claim as your artwork.


Commercial Use

This item is for personal and small commercial use. Please see how the licenses apply here.

Delivery Clipart, Post Office illustration, Mail Clipart, Package

  • What You’ll Receive 

    ◇ PNG file format
    ◇ Transparent background
    ◇ High resolution 300 dpi

    Instant downloadable item, perfect for:

    ◇ Planners
    ◇ Blog or web design
    ◇ Patterns for paper, fabric or prints over any surfaces and items
    ◇ Design of wedding stationary, birthday party and any kind of invitations
    ◇ Digital and physical scrapbooking projects
    ◇ Decoupage, card making and paper crafts
    ◇ Logo design
    ◇ Photo overlays
    ◇ Any DIY project

    Terms of Use 

    YOU MAY:

    1. Use the designs without providing credit (for personal use only)

    2. You can create planner stickers, cards, fabrics, planner covers, backdrop, blog design, branding, etc.

    3. Personalized / modified digital items are allowed, provided that there are significant changes to make the designs your own. Examples: planner stickers, cards, logos.

    4.-Basic Commercial License for up to 500 uses/prints of end product is INCLUDED in all Rosario Ruiz digital packs (YOU NEED PROVIDING CREDIT) - not in a file form, but the receipt of purchase any of my packs confirms the rights for use.
    For 500+ uses, or if you don't want to give credit please see my “Extended Commercial License”

    5.-You can use my products to create digital products as long as my art does not exceed 50% of your final design. (YOU NEED PROVIDING CREDIT)


    1. Use the designs "as-is", with no design or artistic involvement; the designs may only be used as part of a larger design (by adding text, textures, overlays... or other images)

    2. Redistribute the designs, which includes reselling or sharing them for free, redistributing them with minor changes (i.e. changing the colors), embedding them within editable files.
    3. Claim Rosario Ruiz  designs as your own work.

    4. Transfer this license to others. The license is one-person license.

    5. Upload the designs to any automated merchandise marketplaces